Wood Species

We offer a wide range of wood species to choose from, check the specs sheet and see which best suit your application.

Greenheart Wood Species


Chlorocardium rodiei

Heartwood varies from light to dark olive green or blackish often with intermingling of lighter and darker areas; not sharply defined from the pale yellow or greenish sapwood. Texture fine and uniform; grain straight to roey; lustrous; odorless and tasteless when dry.

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Purpleheart Peltogyne spp Heartwood Spices


Peltogyne spp.

Heartwood brown when freshly cut becoming deep purple upon exposure, eventually turning to a dark brown sharply demarcated from the off-white sapwood. Texture medium to fine; luster medium to high, variable; grain usually straight, sometimes wavy, roey, or irregular; without distinctive odor or taste.

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Mora excelsa Wood Spieces


Mora excelsa

Heartwood yellowish red brown, reddish brown or dark red with paler streaks; sapwood 2 to 6 in. wide, distinct, yellowish to pale brown. Texture moderately fine to rather coarse, rather harsh to the feel; luster medium to high; grain is straight to commonly interlocked, very variable; astringent taste and a slightly sour odor.

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Black Kakaralli Eschweilera spp. Wood Spieces

Black Kakaralli

Eschweilera spp.

Heartwood of most species is light brown, grayish brown, reddish brown, or brownish buff, sometimes with black streaks, usually distinct from the yellowish sapwood. Luster low; grain typically straight; texture fine and uniform; without distinctive odor or taste. Depending on species, silica content may be as high as 2.4%.

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Wallaba Eperua spp. - Wood Spieces


Eperua spp.

Heartwood light to dark red to reddish- or purplish- brown with characteristic dark gummy streaks; sharply demarcated from the narrow grayish- or brownish- white sapwood, also streaked with gum. Texture rather coarse; grain typically straight; luster absent; taste not distinctive but with rancid odor when fresh which disappears on drying.

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Shibadan Aspidosperma Album Wood Spieces


Aspidosperma album

Sapwood: distinct, light grayish brown. Heartwood: orange yellow to yellow brown at times with reddish or pinkish tinge. Grain: straight sometimes irregular or roey. Texture: rather fine to medium Aspidosperma album

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Ipe Tabebuia spp. Wood Species


Tabebuia spp.

Heartwood olive brown to blackish, often with lighter or darker striping, often covered with a yellow powder; sharply demarcated from the whitish or yellowish sapwood. Texture fine to medium; luster low to medium; grain straight to very irregular; rather oily looking; without distinctive odor or taste.

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Wamara Swartzia spp. Wood Spieces


Swartzia spp.

Heartwood dark brown, reddish brown, or nearly black, in solid color or somewhat variegated; sharply demarcated from the nearly white to yellowish sapwood. Texture very fine to medium; luster usually medium; grain straight to irregular; without distinctive odor or taste. Dust irritating to some workers.

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Tatabu Diplotropis Purpurea Wood Spieces


Diplotropis purpurea

Freshly cut heartwood is generally chocolate brown turning to a lighter brown when dry, occasionally grayish brown, with fine lighter parenchyma stripes; sharply demarcated from whitish or yellowish sapwood. Texture coarse; grain usually straight to slightly interlocked or slightly wavy; luster medium to high and golden, often with a waxy without distinctive odor or taste.

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Jatoba Hymenaea Courbaril Wood Spices


Hymenaea courbaril

Heartwood is salmon red to orange brown when fresh, becoming russet to reddish brown when seasoned; often marked with dark streaks. Sapwood is usually wide; white, gray, or pinkish. Texture is medium to rather coarse; grain mostly interlocked; golden luster; without distinctive odor or taste.

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Simarupa Simarouba Amara Wood Spices


Simarouba amara

Heartwood not differentiated from the whitish or strawcolored sapwood, with occasional oily streaks. Luster rather high; texture medium and uniform; grain usually straight; without odor but with a bitter quinine-like taste.

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Determa Ocotea Rubra Wood Spieces


Ocotea rubra

Heartwood light reddish brown with a golden sheen; welldefined sapwood, narrow, dull gray or pale yellowish brown. Texture rather coarse; grain is interlocked to straight; quartersawn lumber is sometimes attractively figured; dry wood is without distinctive odor or taste.

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Crabwood Carapa Guianensis Wood Spieces


Carapa guianensis

Heartwood is a light salmon to reddish brown when fresh, becoming darker when dry, color very variable; sapwood is pinkish turning pale brown or grayish, not always sharply demarcated from heartwood. Texture varies from fine to coarse; luster ranges from low to high; grain usually straight but sometimes roey; odor and taste lacking.

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Macaranduba Manilkara Bidentata Wood Spieces


Manilkara bidentata

Heartwood light to dark reddish brown, distinct but not sharply demarcated from the whitish or pale brown sapwood. Texture fine and uniform luster low to medium; grain straight to occasionally slightly wavy or interlocked; without distinctive odor or taste.

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Suya Pouterin Spectosa Wood Spieces


Pouterin spectosa

Sapwood: not distinct from heartwood. Heartwood: light brown, occasionally pale purple flushed. Grain: generally straight. Texture: fine

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Kabukalli Goupia Gliabra Wood Spices


Goupia gliabra

Heartwood light reddish brown, darkening superficially upon exposure; distinct but not sharply demarcated from thick brownish or pinkish sapwood Luster medium to rather high; texture medium to coarse; grain straight to interlocked; odor is fetid when fresh but dissipates upon drying though still apparent.

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Silverballi Aniba Spp Wood Spices


Aniba spp.

The woods are typically yellowish with a greenish hue when fresh, becoming brown or olive on exposure. Narrow sapwood light yellowish. Luster medium to high; grain straight to interlocked; texture fine to medium; spicy odor, taste may or may not be distinctive.

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Tauroniro Humiria Balsamifera Wood Spieces


Humiria balsamifera

Heartwood varies from light brown to reddish brown; poorly demarcated from the narrow light brown sapwood. Texture medium; grain straight to interlocked; luster medium; without distinctive odor or taste.

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