Wood Spindles

Our complete range of wood spindles gives you the best selection for the perfect look for your home. Wooden spindles are also named as baluster that is one of the core parts of the stairs. A group of balusters is known as a balustrade. This wood baluster or timber spindles give an additional value to the architectural value of your staircases. We offer high quality lumber spindles from different species as mentioned above that elevates the look of your home. To give a more twist to the look of your home check our arrays of wooden spindles and get the perfect match for your home.

Our wood spindles are available in the following species:

  • Greenheart
  • Purpleheart
  • Kabuballi

Wooden Spindles Available in sizes 2’’ x 2”,3” x 3” and 4” x 4” and lengths from 12” – 36”.

Also custom design wood spindles are available all you need to do is email us a picture of what you need.