Wood Mouldings

Wood mouldings are an excellent choice to give an elegant look to your interiors. They are very versatile. Wooden moldings can be used with almost every room design.  Timber moldings are not just used as the edge between your ceiling and wall. There are many different ways to use wood mouldings.


We offer a wide range of timbers mouldings including baseboard moulding, bead molding, cabinet base moulding, crown molding, dentilled moulding, door trim molding, flat & 3-bed moulding, fluted molding, rails moulding, rosette mold, squadron mould, and Victorian moulding. If you are thinking of adding a unique look to your place, you can have a look at our wide range of lumber mouldings and choose the right wood molding to match your décor.


Woodpecker Timbers is the first choice for wooden mouldings in South America and we will help you in getting the right design with a wide variety of our timber mouldings.


Our Wood Mouldings are Available in the following species of lumber:

  • Purpleheart
  • Kabukalli
  • Simarupa
  • Locust
  • Crabwood
  • Kereti Silverballi

Wood Moldings are available in random lengths from 6′ – 14′

Wood Moulding - Rail Molding, Bead, Baseboard, Door Trim, Cabinet Base
Baseboard Molding
Bead Moulding
Cabinet Base Molding
Crown Molding
Dentilled Moulding
Door Trim Molding
Flat & 3 Bead Moulding
Fluted Molding
Rails Molding
Rosette Mold
Squadron Mould
Victorian Molding