Wood Decking

The trend of outdoor living is getting more popular. As a result, wood decking is used more in redesigning spaces to bridge the gap between indoor and outdoor spaces. Timber decking creates spaces that are useful and attractive. Wooden decking helps in blending the space with the surrounding environment. Places like an outdoor kitchen, pool surroundings or fire pit mostly has a wooden deck as part of design.

Because of its usage, lumber decking has high-performance requirements. Generally, wooden decks are constructed off the ground and they are totally exposed to weather conditions hence, strength and durability are the most important requirements of timber decking.

Hardwoods such as GreenHeart and Ipe are ideal for lumber decking because of their dense nature. Their strength and durability give long lives to wooden decks. Woodpecker Timbers offer wood decking, anti-slip decking, and S4S E4E decking. You can contact us for Greenheart decking, Purpleheart decking, Ipe decking, and Massaranduba decking. We can also make custom wood deck profiles as per your requirement.

We offer our wood decking in Greenheart,Purpleheart, Macaranduba and Ipe to your specific dimension and profiles.

Wooden decking available in the following timber species:

  • Greenheart (Chlorocardium rodiei)
  • Purpleheart Lumber (Peltogyne pubescens)
  • Ipe (Tabebuia Spp.)
  • Massaranduba (Manikara Bidentata)

Wood Decking available in sizes and profiles as shown below:

Thickness:3/4” – 2”
Width:3”- 6”
Anti Slip Decking

Anti Slip Decking

S4S E4E Decking

E4E Wooden Decking

We can also make custom wood deck profiles, just send us a email with picture of profile and one of our staff will be in touch with you.