Wood Charcoal

Wood charcoal has been used for ages in a variety of applications like cooking fuels, industrial fuels and medicine. It is produced by heating wood in the absence of oxygen until all the moisture gets out of the wood. Wood charcoal is made from a variety of wood species, but hardwood charcoal is considered as high-quality charcoal.

Hardwood Charcoal is made from natural hardwood like Dakama and Wallaba. Hardwood charcoal, like dakama charcoal and wallaba charcoal, is very popular as it lights quickly and it burns hotter. These wood charcoals also create less ash. Hardwood charcoal is one of the purest forms of charcoal that lights fast without any need for starting fluids.

Woodpecker Timbers is one of the leading charcoal manufacturers in South America. As a charcoal supplier, we have been supplying hardwood charcoals for over 25 years. Our hardwood charcoals are chemical-free and easy to light.

Our Wood Charcoal is manufacture from Dakama and Wallaba tropical hardwood. We are currently supplying hardwood charcoal to South America, Caribbean, USA and Europe.

Up to six hours burning time, see below for additional specs.

Wood Charcoal Specifications

Wood species Moisture content % Ash % Volatile matter – m.c./% Fixed carbon % Bulk density raw kg/m³ Bulk density pulverised kg/m³ Gross calorific value KJ/kg Oven dry basis
Dakama Charcoal 7.5 1.4 16.9 74.2 314 708 32410
Wallaba Charcoal 6.9 1.3 14.7 77.1 261 563 35580

Hardwood Charcoal Packaging

40-60 pound per bag and 1000 bags for 40’ container.