Wood Beams (Timber Beams)

The wood beams are manufactured and handcrafted that gives a stunning look to your place and also adds beauty to the architecture.

We at Woodpecker Timbers give a value addition to your interior or exterior with our wooden beams. With the increase in number of experience, we manufacture and supply timber beam for any section in turn giving the quality products through the entire process. Basically, timber beam is made from wood for structural support. Generally, it is being used in different wooden structure like construction or small houses. It has a great property, i.e. resistant to bending as it is advantageous when it comes across high winds. Lumber beam provides support to the floor and roof & distributes weight uniformly. For the best structural support, wood beams are considered as the best construction material across the different regions of the world.

Timber Beams usually larger than five inches in width and thickness used horizontally to support a load applied transversely to it.

Wood Beams Available in the following timber species:

  • Greenheart (Chlorocardium rodiei)
  • Kabukalli (Goupia glabra)
  • Mora (Mora exelsa)
  • Purpleheart Moulding (Peltogyne pubescens)