Wood Shingles (Wallaba Shingles)

Woodpecker Timbers is a leading Wallaba Shingles Manufacturer. Using the traditional manufacturing method, we provide wooden shingles that give a smooth & uniform look over the entire roof. Wallaba shingles are protective in nature into the roofing and siding as both the sides are smooth sawn and also give more protection against fire. Compatible with the climate, the taper sawn shingles are very helpful in colder climates as it retains heat inside and excludes the cold leaks. The wood shingles by the wallaba shingle manufacturer is designed in such a way that it is also advantageous for keeping the interior warm of cottages and cabins. We deliver the best option for the rooftop by our high-quality wood shingles that are used for roofing as well as side walls.

Wood Shingles (Wallaba Shingles) are manufactured from sustainable, harvested Epurea logs. Epurea is a tropical hardwood species growing on the “White Sands Forest Belt” that stretches across Guyana.

Wallaba shingles are in a class superior to all other wood shingles. Wallaba Shingles are world-renowned for it’s naturally resistance to fire, insect and decay it does not require chemical treatment which lends itself to being an environmentally friendly product and long-lasting 50+ years. Test has shown that this wood shingles withstood category 5 hurricane winds.

Taper Sawn Shingles

  • Length: 18”
  • Width: 3” to 9” (average 5”)
  • Thickness: 7/16” tapered to 1/8”

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