Timber Mats

Timber mats are heavy equipment mats created from large timbers. They are used to stabilize ground beneath heavy equipment to provide stability. Woodpecker Timbers have been providing various types of timber mats for over 25 years. Our timber mats are made from hardwood timbers so that they can support the tremendous weight of heavy machinery and equipment.

Crane Mats: Stabilizing the surface is very important while working with the cranes. If it is not leveled, the crane may become unstable. Crane mats provide a solid base for cranes so that they can operate smoothly.

Dragline Mats: These mats are made from freshly cut hardwood timbers. Dragline Mats are mostly used to protect the dock while loading and unloading of heavy machinery.

Excavator Mats: Excavators are heavy machines used for digging. Excavator Mats are designed to provide a solid base for these heavy machines.

Bog Mats: These mats are designed to create temporary access roads on construction sites. Bog Mats not only provides stability, but also minimizes surface damage.

Pipeline Mats: These mats are used in the pipeline industry. Pipeline Mats provide a strong base to pipeline construction machines, mostly working on the muddy ground.

Woodpecker Timbers is a leading Timber Mats manufacturer. Timbers mats we manufacture are:

  • Crane mats
  • Dragline Mats
  • Excavator Mats
  • Bog Mats
  • Pipeline Mats

Species we use are:Mora,Wamara,Burada and Greenheart,mostly Mora. Our timber mats are use in most severe conditions. These species are being characterized by its hardness and durability by USDA Forest Service.

Our Timber mats we produce use single beams with sizes.

Thinckness:100 mm – 305 mm (4″ – 12″)

Width:200 mm – 305 mm (8″ – 12″)

Length:3.0 m – 12 m (10′ – 39′)

Blots: Depending on the thickness,length and applications of the mats we use 19 mm (3/4″) , 24 mm (1″) and 32 mm (1″ ¼” ) steel bolts. All steel bolts have strong washers and nuts. The nuts can be tightened individually.

Woodpecker Timbers is the leading Timber Mats supplier for contractors in the:

  • Civil engineering
  • Oil and Gas industry
  • Heavy-lift and Project forwarding
  • Temporary access roads and work platforms
  • Piling and Foundation industry
  • Dredging industry
  • On and offshore industry