Mora Railroad Ties

Woodpecker Timbers Mora (Mora excelsa) railroad ties (railway Sleepers) have gained popularity because of their quality, durability, and timely delivery. Mora railroad ties is becoming increasingly difficult to get quality tropical hardwood ties. Mora railroad ties, is available through us in large quantities and superior quality. Our Mora railroad ties is exclusively available direct from our factory in Guyana,South America “The Untreated Alternative” for long lasting railroad ties.

Reasons to consider Mora railroad ties:

  • Naturally resistant to insects and decay
  • Life span 30-35 years
  • No treatment required (a very green alternative)
  • Pre-Plating available
  • Crossties & Switch Ties
  • Bridge Ties & Timbers
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Sustainably Harvested
  • Test Report Available

Railroad Ties Test Comparison Chart

Test/Property Mora Red Oak
Max. Bending Stress (psi) 9,055 7,660
Static Bending Modulus (psi) 1,446,276 920,000
Compressive Modulus (psi) 48,696 39,154
Surface Hardness (lbs) 5,200 6,460
Spike Insertion Force (lbs) 13,700 9,700
Spike Withdrawal Force (lbs) 9,900 8,800
Spike Lateral Resistance Force(lbs) 4,880 3,285

Benefits of Mora railway sleepers vs. concrete/steel sleepers:

  1. Transportation: When in transit and during handling, sleepers are likely to bear hits and knocks, wood is better able to withstand surface damage whereas the galvanised face of a steel pole is thin and can easily be damaged leaving the steel open to the elements and causing rust.
  2. Ease of Machining: The ease of which timber can be machined means we are able to tailor our stock range of sleepers to your individual requirements and specifications. Bespoke design is a much more costly and time consuming process when dealing with steel and concrete.
  3. Ease of Installation and Maintenance: Timber is a lighter material that steel or concrete, making it easier to handle. This means that the installation time and man power required is greatly reduced, saving you money. Throughout the life of your sleeper being lighter also makes it far easier to maintain and handle, should it require any attention.
  4. Cost Saving: Wood sleepers are less expensive that steel in many areas. These include the raw material cost and transportation, and we are able to pass these savings onto you. Further more timber sleepers are easier to install and modify on site, meaning you will be constantly saving money throughout the life cycle of your sleeper through reduced maintenance costs.