Greenheart Timber Fenders

Greenheart Timber Fender available in any size, any length, any thickness. Greenheart Timber Fender components can be cut, planed, chamfered and drilled (countersunk as standard) according to your own design requirements.

As any boat operator knows, fenders are a type of bumper that protects the marine vessel from damage when it bumps against a wall, jetty or other vessels. These fenders can be constructed from a variety of materials, many of which have very specific applications. One option that you should consider when you consider marine vessel fenders is greenheart timber. Learn more about greenheart timber fender, including the benefits versus other materials, and let our experts at Woodpecker Timbers help you choose the right fender for the job.

Benefits of Greenheart Timber Fender

One of the biggest benefits of marine vessel greenheart timber fender is that they are easy to remove and replace. If your barge or vessel is out on the water, it is bound to encounter some trouble eventually. The greenheart timber fender will protect your barge or vessel from these unexpected accidents, and if the fender suffers damage, it is easily repaired. Another big benefit to greenheart timber fender, when compared to rubber or plastic fenders, is that a marine vessel greenheart timber fender system has an unbeatable ability to deviate the severity of an impact. Much of the energy is deflected upwards, maximizing the protection when it reacts. Quite simply, greenheart timber fender is one of the best performing fender systems on the market

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