Dimensional Lumber

Around the start of the 20th century, the term ‘dimensional lumber’ started to become popular to differentiate finished lumber or planed lumber, specially cut to standard width and depth. Dimensional lumber, also known as S4S (Surfaced Four Sides) lumber, is one of the ideal options for building structures because of its consistent size. They are available in a variety of sizes and are used constructions such as houses, farms, auditoriums, stadiums, and bridges.

Dimensional lumbers are made from various wood species, but hardwood is considered as the best option for dimensional lumbers. Their unique grain pattern and texture makes them suitable for dimensional lumbers. Hardwood lumber like Greenheart Lumber, Mora Lumber, and Purpleheart Dimensional Lumber are known for their strength, durability and dense nature that provides long life.

Woodpecker Timbers is a leading dimensional lumber manufacturer and supplier for over 25 years. Our high quality dimensional lumbers are made from various hardwood species

Dimensional lumber is a term used for lumber that is finished/planed (S4S) and cut to standardized width and depth.

Dimensional Lumber in the following timber species:

  • Greenheart (Chlorocardium rodiei)
  • Kabukalli (Goupia glabra)
  • Mora (Mora exelsa)
  • Purpleheart (Peltogyne pubescens)

Dimensional Lumber (Finished Lumber/Planed Lumber) available in sizes:

  • Thickness : 1”-12”
  • Width : 2”-12
  • Length : 6’-20’
Dimension Lumber - Planed (S4S) Lumber