Tropic Exotic Hardwoods & Wood Products

With the vast experience as a supplier of tropical exotic hardwoods, we at Woodpecker Timbers is known for providing quality products with best service, innovation, and dedication. Woodpecker Timbers offers you the top quality tropical hardwood products that include Baromalli plywood, dimensional lumber, greenheart marine piles, greenheart timber fenders, Mora railroad ties, structural lumber, timber mats, wood flooring & siding, etc.

Our wood products give your interior a timeless look and make your house or office feel more warm and beautiful. Along with the products mentioned we also have various options including wooden beams, wooden decking, wood mouldings, wooden spindles, wood shingles, wood panel doors, etc. that guarantees to get the exact thing you are looking for. We at Woodpecker Timbers, as a manufacturer & supplier of tropical hardwood, produce hardwood using the advanced technique of industrial processing, which in turn gives the high-quality standard product.

There are many types of different wood species from which these hardwoods are been manufactured. They differ with the looks, shades, texture and finally the feel you would like to have for your interior or any other purpose you are looking for. Explore here the variety of hardwoods we manufacture as we stock at fair prices that suits the budget of our customer as well as satisfies their need and feels the real wood.

For further information, you can also visit our wood species page where it gives you the information about a wide range of wood species that gives you the best suit for your application.